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Written by Nick Heer.

Bruce Sewell on a Media Conference Call

Apple SVP of legal Bruce Sewell, responding to a motion (PDF) filed by the prosecution in the Apple-FBI case:

The tone of the brief reads like an indictment. We’ve all heard director Comey and Attorney General Lynch thank Apple for its consistent help in working with law enforcement. Director Comey’s own statement…that there are no demons here? We certainly wouldn’t conclude it from this brief. In 30 years of practice, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a legal brief that was more intended to smear the other side with false accusations and innuendo, and less intended to focus on the real merits of the case. For the first time ever, we see an allegation that Apple has deliberately made changes to block law enforcement requests for access. This should be deeply offensive to everyone that reads it. An unsupported, unsubstantiated effort to vilify Apple rather than confront the issues in the case.

Actions like these cannot be legitimized. This is disturbing.

Update: Worth noting is Sewell’s objection to the implication that Apple is capitulating to the Chinese government.