Apple’s Self-Repair Program ‘Feels Good’ to Tim Cook, Will Sell Parts Through a Third Party

On Friday, while Apple was opening a store in Los Angeles, KTLA reporter Rich DeMuro spoke with Tim Cook for a few minutes and asked about the self-repair program. Cook:

Well, we realized that there were some people that wanted to do this [self-repair] and that are trained to do this. You know, they’re the Popular Mechanics crowd, if you will, which I love and have been focused on my entire life. So it feels good to put the manuals out there and get the parts out there — that enables people to do this. Still, if you’re not comfortable doing that, we encourage you to come in the Apple Store and get it done for you. That’s still the best way, perhaps, for most people. But if you’re a technician, then have at it. You’re able to do it yourself.

I am sure Popular Mechanics appreciates the shout-out.

MacRumors obtained an internal memo with a few more details. Joe Rossignol:

Apple’s memo also said that its online parts store will be operated by an unspecified third party. While no official reason was provided, it would certainly be logistically easier for Apple to outsource shipping and receiving of parts to and from customers. A similar system is already in place for Apple Authorized Service Providers.

It makes sense to operate the parts store for end users as a branch of the Authorized Service Providers’ store. Still, it is a little curious for a company as vertically integrated as Apple. The third-party sourcing for authorized repair shops is news to me.