Scammers Are Still Changing Phone Numbers in Google Maps

Shmuli Evers in a Twitter thread, which was summarized by Monica Humphries at Insider:

“My @delta flight got canceled from JFK. The customer service line was huge, so I google a Delta JFK phone number. The number was 1888-571-4869 Thinking I reached Delta, I started telling them about getting me on a new flight,” he tweeted Sunday.

But that phone call led him to a scam, he said. And, after more digging, Evers said he discovered at least six other airlines with what he suspected were scam numbers listed on Google.

In 2014, Nitasha Tiku reported for Valleywag that a network engineer was able to suggest new phone numbers for law enforcement offices’ listings in Google Maps. Nine years later, it seems people are still able to exploit the same kinds of vulnerabilities. Remember how I wrote I trust Google Maps more often? I should not be so confident.

Update: In local news, directions from Google Maps are guiding people through impassable bus-only access routes.