A Picture of Samsung’s Forthcoming Galaxy S8 venturebeat.com

Curiously — and contra earlier rumours — the Galaxy S8 pictured at VentureBeat shows a headphone jack running along the bottom. Evan Blass:

Lastly, the pressure-sensitive input technology known as force touch is finally coming to the Galaxy brand, with the lower part of the display supposedly capable of distinguishing between different types of screen presses. Apple first included a similar technology on 2015’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

This is sloppy. “Force Touch” is what Apple calls the pressure-sensitive touch components of the Apple Watch’s display and their trackpads. “3D Touch” is the name Apple uses for the displays of the iPhones 6S and 7, as it has additional levels of sensitivity. Though Apple doesn’t have a trademark on “Force Touch”, neither term appears to be a generic name.1

  1. Though, curiously enough, a company called NextInput developed some similar-sounding technologies called “ForceTouch” and “3D ForceTouch”. NextInput isn’t on Apple’s supplier list (PDF). ↥︎