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Written by Nick Heer.

Samsung Says It’s Going to Start Selling the Galaxy Fold in Select Countries

After reviewers reported problems with the Galaxy Fold’s display after just a few days of use in April, Samsung delayed shipping the phones while it investigated. Half a year later, the company says that the product is ready — first in Korea, and then in a handful of countries. Notably, the Canadian marketing webpage has been removed. Samsung has listed the changes they’ve made, but I’m most interested in a different press release:

We’re introducing the new Galaxy Fold Premier Service to give you direct access to Samsung experts who can provide you tailored guidance and support over the phone any time, any day. This includes an optional one-on-one onboarding session to walk you through every innovation packed into the Galaxy Fold and demonstrate how best to navigate this revolutionary device.

The optimistic interpretation of this is that this is a premium product with a premium tech support experience. The more cynical read is that Samsung is still worried about the durability of the Galaxy Fold and hopes to put out any fires before they become public relations catastrophes.