The Verge, when the iPhone 5 was announced:

By all accounts, Apple’s new iPhone 5 is a fine product, a line drive down the middle. It will easily sell millions and likely even break some records — the massive iPhone ecosystem alone will guarantee that. It’s also a little boring, which has led to serious questions about Apple’s willingness or ability to innovate.

The Verge, on the Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement:

What do you do when you’re one of the world’s largest smartphone makers and it’s time to update your flagship device? If you’re Samsung, you trot out the new Galaxy S5, a refined and updated take on last year’s wildly successful Galaxy S4. Like the new Gear wearables, the Galaxy S5 looks and feels familiar, but offers a number of improvements over last year’s edition.

No “serious questions” about their “willingness or ability to innovate.” No “boring” in sight. Just “refined and updated”. Maybe the Verge has much lower expectations for Samsung than for Apple, or perhaps they have simply realized that most companies can’t completely blow their minds every time they update their products. All I’m saying is that some perspective proves useful.