Samsung’s Next Gear Will Not Look Like an Apple Watch Clone

That’s because it will look like a Moto 360. Alex Dobie, Android Central:

That’s right, it sure looks like the long-rumored circular Samsung Gear watch might finally come to fruition. The move to a rounded watch face would explain the need for Samsung to open up the SDK to developers ahead of launch day, as the move away from a rectangular face would be a significant change for Samsung’s seventh smartwatch.

The weather app they’ve got onscreen sure does look a lot like the weather app on the Apple Watch, though.

Setting aside petty stuff like that, it’s pretty clear that Abdel Ibrahim’s prediction is coming true. Even when it’s off, the Apple Watch is unique amongst the current generation of smartwatches in its shape alone. Google’s also using circular screenshots in their Android Wear feature announcements, which continues to reveal just how bad a circular display is for actually, you know, displaying stuff.