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Written by Nick Heer.

Samsung’s Developer Strategy

Kevin C. Tofel, Gigaom:

The overall strategy Samsung has employed so far is clever: Build up a massive global audience for products using someone else’s software while also creating your own apps to start taking the place of integral Android features across smartphones, tablets, televisions and even smartwatches. Thanks to Android, Samsung hasn’t needed to develop an operating system of its own. Why should it when it can slowly transition developers and users to create software for its own hardware?

Interesting development in the wake of last week’s Ars Technica article. Samsung won’t have to fold any of their work back into the official Android project if they fork it. If this goes the way Tofel speculates it will, there will be a third major mobile OS in several years’ time: Android, iOS, and sAndroid, or whatever the hell they’ll call it.