Samsung Counters iPhone 5S With a Golden Galaxy S4

Vlad Savov, the Verge:

Two weeks after Apple’s September 10th reveal of a champagne-colored iPhone, Samsung is launching its own golden phone in the shape of a new Gold Edition Galaxy S4. There are two options, Gold Pink or Gold Brown, which Samsung is proudly showing off on its United Arab Emirates social media outlets.

Can’t Samsung do anything unique?

But what this does mean is that the Galaxy Gear is a wearable computer, not a smartwatch. Like other portable computers, the Galaxy Gear is a high-power machine that attempts to clone the functionality of larger devices. It’s infinitely extensible and exhaustively feature-packed at the expense of battery and, I believe, livability.

Oh right. It’s difficult to decide whether Samsung’s level of unoriginality is worse than their clear incompetence at developing something new.

Update: Apparently, this thing was launched on August 27, two days before Apple’s iPhone launch. This is according to a Samsung blog post which reads as oddly defensive.