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Written by Nick Heer.

Ruin Your Google Search History

Jason Koebler, Vice:

Ruin My Search History” promises to “ruin your Google search history with a single click,” and that’s exactly what it does. Click on the magnifying glass and it’ll take over your browser and immediately cycles through a series of search terms ranging from the mildly embarrassing (“why doesn’t my poo float,” “smelly penis cure urgent”) to the potentially relationship-ruining (“mail order paternity test,” “attracted to mother why”) to the type of thing that might get your name on a list somewhere (“isis application form,” “cheap syria flights,” “how to kill someone hypothetically”).

I’d not click that link at work, if I were you. If you’re the type to read the ending of a book before reading the rest of it, you might like to know that someone going by “tomatoaway” on Reddit has copied out the full array and it’s, well, spectacular. Aside from those mentioned by Koebler, queries include “rohypnol safe dosage”, “view ashley madison list”, and “bing”. The stuff of nightmares, really.