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Written by Nick Heer.

Retina Mac Apps Begin Appearing in App Store

Jordan Kahn, of 9to5 Mac:

We aren’t ready speculate that the developers know something we don’t, but Apple obviously allowed the update and it’s likely we will begin to see Mac Apps updated with high-resolution artwork leading up to Apple’s introduction of Retina Macs at WWDC next week.

At least they’re only jumping to conclusions about WWDC, unlike The Next Web:

Mac App Store developers could possibly have been notified of a Retina display upgrade or are simply anticipating a refresh, adapting their apps ahead of Apple’s WWDC event next week.

Folderwatch was featured as an Apple Staff Favorite in June 2011, perhaps signifying why its developers – Brothers Roloff — could have been given a heads-up.

Smart developers prep for features they suspect are coming. Panic, for example, shipped Coda 2 last month with Retina graphics in the Mac App Store package (“Retina-ready” near the bottom). Marco Arment shipped Retina assets for the iPad a full five months before it was announced.