Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.

Remember Jelly?

Biz Stone, writing on Medium, explains the new Jelly, which is a lot like the old Jelly except, somehow, newer:

Twitter has always inspired me when it highlights the fundamental goodness in people. Jelly is born of this inspiration. We have an audacious grand plan—the complete reimagining of how people get answers to everyday stuff. (For anyone who remembers Jelly, yes, we took a break but we’re back 100%. Silicon Valley types might call this an, “un-pivot.”)

No, you might call this an “un-pivot”. I call it “a spectacular PR strategy for a reboot of a long-forgotten product”.

It looks like this new version is going to behave more like a search engine, and it’s going to work on the web in addition to having smartphone apps. I liked the original Jelly, despite — or, perhaps, because — its lack of a business model and generally subdued user base. I hope this is more of the same.