Sam Reich Talks Dropout

Bethy Squires, Vulture:

Like so many other web 2.0 companies, CollegeHumor started as one thing (a site for posting memes, humorous essays, and short-form videos), then became something else (a home for scripted sketch, as well as the production company behind shows like Adam Ruins Everything), before devolving into a zombie shell of itself after Barry Diller and IAC decided a modest comedy audience wasn’t good enough for investors. But unlike so many other companies that ran aground on the shores of Facebook, CollegeHumor came back. In 2018 the brand launched Dropout, a subscription-based platform with original, mostly unscripted, mostly longform content. […]

The world is rich with ways to spend a few dollars per month to get access to a library of video. Hand on heart, Dropout might be one of the best choices you can make; and, in a rare move for streaming services, the Apple TV app is pretty good.