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Written by Nick Heer.

Redesigning Mailbox for iOS 7

Mailbox is, so far, one of my favourite products of the iOS 7 treatment. Gentry Underwood, writing about working with iOS 7’s new interface paradigms:

In short, if you value simplicity, designing for iOS 7 is a joy. Everything is faster and more focused: by removing the need to create artificial depth and texture, the designer is freed to focus on form that expresses function.

A similar sentiment from Fitbit’s Christopher Clark:

Let’s hope everyone is actually taking the hint that design is about making better products, not making prettier textures.

Of the apps that have been updated so far for iOS 7, there are two types: those that have simply removed textures, and those which have been redesigned. Unfortunately, the former seems to be more common right now, but we’re about six hours into this release. Give it time, and you’re going to see a lot of beautiful new apps on your phone.