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Written by Nick Heer.

Reddit Blocks Non-Consensual Sharing of Nude Photos and Video

Charlie Warzel of Buzzfeed asked them twelve questions about this policy. This is relieving:

Will users need to meet a certain standard of proof — or will requests immediately trigger a takedown?

Reddit: We are not going to require proof. That is salt in the wound to someone going through the process of removing images like this. It’s often not limited to reddit and is rather difficult. The requests will be treated individually and not trigger an automatic takedown.

Good move, but I have a thirteenth question: why has it taken this long to prohibit this on Reddit? And a fourteenth question: how is this not illegal everywhere in the world by now? The only way that it may run afoul of the law is that the subject(s) could claim copyright infringement, but only if they were the photographer.