Titles Owned by Red Ventures Are Publishing Articles Generated by AI futurism.com

Frank Landymore, Futurism:

CNET, a massively popular tech news outlet, has been quietly employing the help of “automation technology” — a stylistic euphemism for AI — on new wave of financial explainer articles, seemingly starting around November of last year.

In the absence of any formal announcement or coverage, it appears that this was first spotted by online marketer Gael Breton in a tweet on Wednesday.

Red Ventures, which owns CNet, is doing the same on a couple of other publications it owns including Bankrate and its subsidiary Creditcards.com. However, its disclosure is more transparent on articles from the latter. Red Ventures should use a similar acknowledgement elsewhere instead of burying it on the author profile page.

Update: CNet posted a massive correction to the fundamental concepts in its article about compound interest, even though these generated stories are apparently reviewed by a real person before publication.