More on the Red Bull Traction Control Mystery

Just a few additional notes regarding Red Bull’s apparent use of totally-not-traction-control traction control:

What you are hearing are cylinders being shut off, something Mr Whiting gave a pass to Renault last year as long as it’s no more than 4 at a time (Renault pleaded reliability). Red Bull’s software has been checked and re-checked by the FIA because other teams have raised the issue so, if they are “blowing”, they are doing it by “cheating” legally, so to speak.

If you’re only here for the Apple stuff, I urge you to read into this; it’s truly fascinating engineering. This rule-bending is going to go down in history with the Brabham BT46B “fan car”, Tyrell’s ballast car, and the “water cooled” brakes of 1982.