RealityOS Trademarks Filed

Parker Ortolani:

It cannot be a coincidence that the “realityOS” trademark owned by a company that seemingly doesn’t exist and is specifically for “wearable computer hardware” is being filed around the world on June 8, 2022.

The trademarks are also the only ones owned by this company “Realityo Systems LLC.” They were originally filed on December 8, 2021. This was just two months before “realityOS” began showing up in Apple source code.

What a scoop. While Bloomberg has been reporting on this name for years and it has appeared in iOS builds, this is the first time there is public documentation of the name that almost certainly must be from Apple.

Evangelos Kassos:

Looks like the RealityOS “Mark” (logo) is using SF Pro in the Uruguay Trademark entry found on the WIPO Database

Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac:

For instance, one of Apple’s shell companies is “Yosemite Research LLC,” which Apple uses to register macOS names like Yosemite and Big Sur. Last year, this company registered the trademark “Monterey” days before WWDC 2021, and it turned out that Monterey was the official name of macOS 12.

And here’s the best part: both Yosemite Research LLC and Realityo Systems LLC are registered at the same address, which points to “Corporation Trust Center” — a real company that provides trademark services of which Apple is a client.

Lots of smoke for there to be no fire. It sure seems like Apple’s headset project is getting closer to a public announcement, and hearing something about it at WWDC would make sense if Apple wants third-party apps available at launch.

This has to be one of the stranger products rumoured to be coming down Apple’s pipeline. I have not written much about it because there seems to be so little to say right now, and my guards are up on something I cannot envision being interested in yet. Most every new product Apple has released since the iPod has fit into an existing market and redefined it around Apple’s standard. The iPod was a better portable music player; the iPhone was a better smartphone; the iPad a better tablet. Even the Apple Watch replaced a mechanical model for some watch-wearers while also becoming a fixture on the wrists of people who rarely or never wore a watch before.

But a headset? That is a pretty small market right now of about ten million units sold in 2021, mostly to gamers and enterprise. Unlike phones or media players or watches, consumers are not yet adopting these things as part of their day-to-day life. Some people do wear glasses every day, but that is so they can see. If I did not have to wear glasses every day, I do not know that I would choose to. But people do wear sunglasses. Is that the market Apple is going after — sunglasses, but better?