QuickTime for Windows Has Reached End-of-Life arstechnica.com

It’s not every day that you get QuickTime news. In this case, it’s decidedly not good. Dan Goodin of Ars Technica:

If your Windows computer is running Apple’s QuickTime media player, now would be a good time to uninstall it.

The Windows app hasn’t received an update since January, and security researchers from Trend Micro said it won’t receive any security fixes in the future. In a blog post published Thursday, the researchers went on to say they know of at least two reliable QuickTime vulnerabilities that threaten Windows users who still have the program installed.

It’s easy enough to uninstall QuickTime, but a surprising number of programs on Windows list it as a dependency, including GoPro Studio and Cubase to run, and Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Traktor for various features. Basically, if a Windows program works with AAC or MOV, it likely depends on QuickTime.

Apple has uninstallation instructions available.