Power for Everyone, for Some Flexible Definition of ‘Everyone’ thenewsprint.co

Joshua Ginter, responding to my question about what capabilities are unlocked by increasingly powerful computers in the hands of more people:

In real life, there are other real jobs that benefit from new technology too. Plumbers and electricians. Carpenters. Oil rig workers. Farmers. Each benefit from new technology in their own way. I’d love to hear from these sorts of folks — stories about how their working lives have changed due to a new Mac, a new iPhone, or a new iPad.

I put my question about this in the context of creative professionals because that is what I am and that is how Apple is positioning the Mac Studio, though I am also curious about the many things powerful computers like these will unlock for other professions. I remember when my Twitter timeline would explode in mockery when those marketing films would play during an Apple keynote, showing people using iPads in wind turbines and rescue helicopters. It was a vision of what became possible with a different form factor, high-resolution displays, cellular connectivity, and a great tablet operating system.

I am excited to see what is enabled by the Mac Studio and products like it. It performs comparably to the highest-end Intel Mac Pro at a fraction of its cost. Making extraordinary computing power more accessible will surely have some fascinating consequences.