Police Erupt in Violence Nationwide Against Protesters of Police Brutality slate.com

At protests against police brutality, those same militarized police forces are escalating confrontations and engaging in brutality. This violence is not new: it is perpetuated disproportionately against black Americans every single day, but also at demonstrations, though not all demonstrations. What is relatively new is that this violence is being documented, but it remains unaccountable. Campaign Zero notes ten policy proposals that can make a meaningful difference. After the brutality shown by police against persons of colour — and, I repeat, especially black Americans — and the lacklustre efforts at police reform over decades, shame on anyone attempting to make property damage a banner story.

As a neighbour sleeping next to an elephant, the past week in particular has been infuriating and exhausting — and, frankly, frustrating that there is only so much any one person can do to help. It requires all of us to commit to being non-optical allies.