Written by Nick Heer.

Please Stop Fighting About Your Smartphone

Mat Honan, Wired:

Do you like Android? You should, it’s amazing. iOS? Wow, what a great platform, no wonder it started a revolution. Windows Phone? Seriously, it’s got a remarkable and beautiful interface. BlackBerry? There are plenty of great reasons people love it. And no matter which platform you adore, it’s shockingly possible to both have a preference and respect that other people may prefer an entirely different device. I know. Totally weird. But true.

This is the article I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but Honan nailed it better than I ever could have.

I’ve been guilty of this in the past. But you’ve probably noticed a fairly lighthearted tone in most of these posts. Remember: this is about smartphones and tablets; I’m not writing about war, or poverty, or starvation, or any other equally heavy topic. I strive to keep it as juvenile and jokey as I can. That’s how I roll.

But keep in mind that this doesn’t preclude you, me, or anyone else from having an opinion. Like discussing anything else — politics, religion, sex, and cooking — don’t be a dick about it.