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Written by Nick Heer.

The Plastic Sky Is Falling

Lorraine Luk and Eva Dou of the Wall Street Journal have some very alarming news:

Pegatron, which analysts said assembles two-thirds of iPhone 5Cs, was told the order would be cut by less than 20%, a person familiar with the matter said. […]

A component supplier was notified that the order for iPhone 5C parts would be cut 50%, a person familiar with the matter said. Analysts said that could signal that device shipments would slow next year or that assemblers would reduce their inventories.

Oh no. The 5C is doomed, which makes Apple doomed and therefore you should sell and buy another plastic phone. Unless:

… this is fairly normal behavior from our friends in Cupertino.

Oh, thanks, Macworld’s Serenity Caldwell.

And Apple really can’t win against spin. Benedict Evans:

iPhone 5S outselling 5C? Apple’s growth strategy a failure. Sell!

iPhone 5C outselling 5S? Cannibalisation and ARPU collapse. Sell!