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Written by Nick Heer.

Placeholder for All of the Laughable Statements That Will Soon Be Released by ISPs in Response to Tom Wheeler’s Proposal

Speaking of the worst companies in the US, Kellen Barranger over at Droid Life is assembling the responses from ISPs to the proposed net neutrality regulations. They’re pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Verizon:

Moreover, Congress is working on legislation that would codify open Internet rules once and for all. It is counterproductive because heavy regulation of the Internet will create uncertainty and chill investment among the many players — not just Internet service providers — that now will need to consider FCC rules before launching new services.

Is there a problem with a company ensuring they’re following the law before launching new services? Isn’t this… good?

AT&T, who are filing a lawsuit because they are assholes:

The FCC cannot mandate that a service be offered on a common carrier basis without, at a minimum, a finding that a particular provider has market power in a particular geographic market. Needless to say the FCC has engaged in no analysis of market power on a geographic market basis. Accordingly, this option is simply not available to the FCC.