The Pixel Tablet Is a Few Small Phones in a Trenchcoat

As part of a partnership between Google and iFixit, the latter has created a repair guide for the Pixel Tablet — and it is a very weird product inside.

Ron Amadeo, Ars Technica:

I have never seen a mobile device be built like this from a major company, especially one that costs $500. Usually this style of “individual components sparsely mounted on risers” is reserved for counterfeit SSDs that are really just thumb drives and a lead weight repackaged in a bigger box, or maybe “mini” consoles that end up being a single chip in a box. I cannot overstate how strange it is to see a major OEM just mount a few spare parts in a box and call it a day.

I am sure it is a fine tablet, and there are probably reasons for this, but it really looks like a hobbyist effort. Bizarre.