Pico Camera pico.camera

Pico is a really fun new camera app from Louie Mantia and Chase McCoy. Mantia explains:

Before digital photography — to get the color you wanted — you selected film that had the color formula you liked, and you shot with that. No editing required.


Pico film isn’t a “filter” you attach to your camera lens, nor is it a “filter” you can apply after the fact. When you take a photo with Pico film, the result is the original. We’re just capturing color differently, just like analog film.

Sounds a little like bullshit, but I’ve been playing with Pico for several weeks now and it’s a very cool experience. By capturing a scene with a specific “film” instead of applying a filter afterwards, it forces you to consider the shot differently. It’s a very fun app that reminds me a little bit of Hipstamatic — remember Hipstamatic? — except faster and easier to use. Free to download with one film, and $3.99 (or your local equivalent) to unlock the full set.