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Written by Nick Heer.

PayPal Is Opting Into Being a Dick

Yoni Heisler, BGR:

Ahead of its planned split from eBay, PayPal is planning to roll out a new terms of service agreement for its customers which would allow the company to pepper its userbase with robocalls and text messages. What’s more, the updated terms of service would allow PayPal to contact users at either their designated phone number or even an undisclosed number PayPal managed to obtain through other means. Set to go into effect on July 1, PayPal’s updated user agreement is not an opt-in type of deal, which makes it all the more worrisome.

I’m sure there’s someone out there who is dying to receive automated phone calls at a number which is unlisted yet PayPal managed to uncover, but that person is not me, nor anyone I know. But, hey, can you expect anything better from PayPal?