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Written by Nick Heer.

Path Texts My Entire Phonebook at 6:00 AM

Stephen Kenwright:

When I was asked about inviting people to Path as I installed the app I said no, and without entering much in the way of personal information Path decided to text my entire phone book for me the day AFTER I uninstalled it from my Android.

Maybe that’s the real reason Path CEO Dave Morin doesn’t have a ringtone.

Update: Path told The Verge that it’s a feature:

By default, Path assumes you want to send a message to all your Facebook friends, displaying a list with every name checked. The user must then tap “unselect all,” or Path will text a signup link to every friend. This configuration has been in place since Path’s last release on March 6th.

Between this, the location data controversy, and the infamous automatic address book uploading, Path has a solid track record of user-hostile behaviour.