Patently Ridiculous

Jack Purcher of Patently Apple thinks he has found a patent which betrays a brand new iPad design. Take a look:1

If you think that looks exactly like a previous-generation iMac, you’re probably right. Of course Purcher doesn’t explain the ports on the back side, which match the position of the ports on an iMac. Of course he doesn’t notice that the “heat baffle” is where the iMac’s stand is connected to the body, or that the “backside speaker” is where the iMac’s heat vent is located.

Or maybe it’s just a shrink-rayed version of an iMac, with a touch screen added, and “iPad” written on it. Who knows?

Update: It appears that Patently Apple pulled their report. Google still has it cached, or you can view a screenshot of the page.

  1. My apologies for subjecting you to the incredibly ugly drop shadow that Patently Apple uses. ↥︎