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Via Shawn Blanc comes Nicholas Coldicott’s visit to Irukaya, ostensibly the finest coffee in Tokyo. With rules like “no pictures” and “no talking to the owner”, it had better be:

On paper, the rules look forbidding, but the longer you spend in Irukaya, the more they make sense.

It’s not a place you go for a caffeine fix. It’s a sanctuary that happens to serve java.

Contrast this with Aisha Speirs’ critique of similar overbearing rules:

Instead of ostentatious barista performances, snobbish service and superfluous branding, small coffee shops should focus on what they are perfectly poised to offer: friendly, local service that will tempt even those with Starbucks loyalty cards.

I find myself agreeing with the intent of Speirs’ critique, even if I don’t agree with her praise of Starbucks (“there’s clearly something to be said for the company’s reliability”). Something that meets in the middle is ideal. The shops I frequent have superlative coffee, without so much pretence.