OS X 10.10.2 Released arstechnica.com

It includes a plethora of security fixes, including a solid patch for Thunderstrike, a fix for displaying remote email content in Spotlight, and a bunch of other critical patches. It also ostensibly fixes, once and for all, some consistently awful WiFi connection problems.1 Despite only seeing a partial improvement in the beta versions I’ve been using, I’m hopeful for the final version to have its kinks ironed out. It may not fix all of the bugs, but it’s big progress.

Update: I’m seeing reports indicating that this might fix issues with an incrementing Sharing name, too. Here’s hoping.

  1. My WiFi connection stops responding about two or three minutes after waking from sleep. Thankfully, Yosemite added a “disconnect from network” option when Option-clicking the WiFi menubar icon, as if they knew we’d need something like that. ↥︎