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Written by Nick Heer.

New York Judge Rules Against Justice Department’s Use of All Writs Act

Larry Neumeister and Tami Abdollah, writing for the Associated Press:

The U.S. Justice Department cannot force Apple to provide the FBI with access to a locked iPhone data in a routine Brooklyn drug case, a magistrate judge ruled Monday. […]

Orenstein concluded that Apple is not obligated to assist government investigators against its will and noted that Congress has not adopted legislation that would achieve the result sought by the government.

Orenstein set a huge precedent as Apple goes into their higher-profile case against the FBI in San Bernardino. This is great news for those of us who side with Apple in this case and don’t want to see them compelled to create an all-access pass.

Put it this way: if you’re an American, would you want to see Apple capitulate if it were any other country demanding access? If you’re not an American, do you think their government should have a golden ticket?

Update: As much as this is a win for Apple in their case, it’s a far greater win for all of us.