Written by Nick Heer.

Olloclip 4-in-1 Review

Allyson Kazmucha reviews the new version of the Olloclip for iMore:

The new 4-in-1 system is supposed to bring with it some better quality when it comes to the overall optics system itself. It also adds a new macro option. The old system only had a 10x macro option while the new system comes with a 15x as well. Olloclip also says the refreshed 10x macro on the new 4-in-one system should take brighter and better focused images than its predecessor.

I took the new 4-in-1 system around with me for a few days and was extremely happy with the results. I did notice I had to exert less effort with the new and refreshed macros in order to get a shot I was happy with.

Sounds great. If I pick up an iPhone 5S, I’ll definitely buy one of these at the same time. I don’t want my Instagram followers to think I’ve given up on spamming their feeds with ultra-close-up pictures of leaves covered in snow.