NYT Now niemanlab.org

Interesting new app from the Times, unveiled last month at SXSW and available yesterday. Joshua Benton for the Nieman Journalism Lab:

In general, as one might expect or fear from a mobile experience (depends on your perspective!), the story presentation in NYT Now is more stripped down than on the web. This story on a laptop has four photos, a five-minute embedded video, and a link to an interactive. In NYT Now, it just has one photo. Even the mobile web version of the story comes with all those bells and whistles. (Also, no comments on NYT Now— you can’t read ’em and you can’t write ’em.)

NYT Now also includes morning and evening briefings, kind of like Mule Design’s Evening Edition experiment.

Another interesting difference between this app and the standard Times iOS app: this one isn’t in Newsstand. I don’t think that’s unintentional: this a different kind of news app, but also at play is the unattractive-to-publishers iOS 7 version of Newsstand.