NYPL Puts 180,000 Public Domain Images Online nypl.org

Shana Kimball of the New York Public Library (via Kottke):

Today we are proud to announce that out-of-copyright materials in NYPL Digital Collections are now available as high-resolution downloads. No permission required, no hoops to jump through: just go forth and reuse! […]

To encourage novel uses of our digital resources, we are also now accepting applications for a new Remix Residency program. Administered by the Library’s digitization and innovation team, NYPL Labs, the residency is intended for artists, information designers, software developers, data scientists, journalists, digital researchers, and others to make transformative and creative uses of digital collections and data,and the public domain assets in particular.

Huge move from the NYPL, with some breathtaking and legendary photos from the Farm Security Administration and Bernice Abbott. The residency that the library is offering looks like a fantastic opportunity; if you’re an artist, you should apply. I would, but I can’t be in New York for the duration of the residency, sadly.