Written by Nick Heer.

Now I Can See Why Phil Schiller Lost It

Harry Marks responds to Nilay Patel’s silly criticism of Phil Schiller’s “can’t innovate any more, my ass” comment during the WWDC keynote:

The only new web services Apple presented at WWDC were iTunes Radio and a browser-based version of the iWork suite, both of which are beautiful but neither of which particularly disrupts the crowded market they enter.

Only? Knowing Apple’s track record with online products, I’m glad it only demoed two Web-based services. Any more and I would’ve worried it was stretching itself thin, what with that brand new Mac Pro, iOS 7 overhaul, OS X Mavericks, and new MacBook Airs. How much more is expected from one company during a two-hour keynote meant for developers?

Smart takedown of a ridiculous argument. It’s also important to note that while WWDC is a developer-centric conference, the keynote is very public. While the products introduced are largely for developers (at least right now), it was also a public announcement. Apple doesn’t have their head in the sand about the quality of their online services, but it’s really fucking boring to talk about load management at a server farm. WWDC is more than the keynote, too. They’re working on improving this stuff for both developers and end users, but Patel can’t write about that because it’s all under a non-disclosure agreement.