Apple Says It Is Not Planning a Larger iMac

Brian Heater, TechCrunch:

If you’ve been waiting on a new 27-inch to upgrade your desktop setup, maybe consider the new 24-inch iMac or a Mac Studio instead. Despite reports to the contrary, Apple this morning said it won’t be releasing a larger screen all-in-one desktop.

If you are desperate for a larger iMac — as I am — you are probably tempted to contort this update so the possibility remains for a bigger model with a higher-end processor. Maybe instead of a larger iMac, Apple is planning a larger iMac Pro, yeah? I doubt it; by explaining this much about its roadmap, it seems Apple is trying to close this door. The iMac is only an entry level product now, and anyone who wants a bigger display or has a need for a higher performance computer has to buy those things separately.

That is a shame because Apple’s integrated SoC setup means an all-in-one is the most honest expression of the computer upon which it is built. That is true in laptops, obviously, and is equally so in something like the iMac. Neither have built-in expandability nor any post-purchase upgrades. Compare that to something like today’s Mac Pro, which feels like the most dishonest Apple silicon product — it is a Mac Studio in a larger case with questionable internal customization. An Mx Pro or Max iMac would feel right at home but, sadly, it appears that will not happen.

What a pisser.