In the Nick of Time, Apple Completes Promised 2019 Rollout of Revised Maps Across the United States

Juli Clover, MacRumors:

Apple began rolling out its updated mapping app to customers starting in iOS 12, and at the 2019 Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple said all customers in the United States would receive the improved Maps app by the end of the year.

Apple has made good on that promise with the rollout of the new mapping terrain to large swathes of the United States, and the updated Maps are now available across most of the country. It could still take some time for all users in the Central and Southeastern areas of the U.S. to see the new content.

Apple drove and walked throughout cities around the world in 2019, including where I live in Calgary. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of their efforts — and hopefully soon.

Apple has rightfully caught a lot of flak for the quality of their web services this past decade. I think they’ve done a lot to shed their lacklustre reputation — with iCloud, iMessage, Apple Music, and Apple Maps. The latter, in particular, is far from perfect; Apple’s place data is still infuriatingly incomplete and inconsistent. But it is no longer ridiculous to consider Apple’s services viable competitors to those from longstanding giants of the web.