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Written by Nick Heer.

The New HTC One

Resident reviewer-in-chief David Pierce of the Verge has been using the new HTC One, announced today, for about a week, and has some thoughts on it:

I got to drive my girlfriend’s brother’s brand-new, black Audi A4. I’ll never forget it: it tore through corners and took off with the slightest tap of the pedal, its glowing dashboard of red lights all the while making me feel like I was at the helm of a dangerous weapon.

Well, I think he’s reviewing the phone. Maybe he and Jeremy Clarkson switched roles for a day. Let’s fast-forward a bit:

The phone’s body is the real stunner here, though. It comes in silver and gold (gorgeous and avert-your-eyes ugly, respectively), along with a slightly more subdued brushed-metal gray.

I wonder where they got that idea from.

I’m nitpicking, really. Based on the reviews I’ve seen, the HTC One is almost the phone I’d buy if I were in the market for an Android phone. The only problem? Its camera is still depressingly bad, and I think that’s a deal breaker for many people in 2014. Pity.