New Apple Watch Bands

I really like the look of the new nylon bands — the gold and blue one, which looks more like green and copper in the product shot, is especially alluring when paired with a gold Watch. I’ll probably end up buying either the black one or the “pearl” grey one for my plain aluminum model, or perhaps both.

There are plenty of new colours in the Sport Band and various leather collections, too, as well as a new Space Black Milanese loop.

My hope is that all of these bands will work with Watch models of the future, at least for a few years. As Tim Cook said today, there are an awful lot of people who regularly change the band, and I know plenty of users who have invested in several bands. I think it would be a mistake to have to re-purchase bands in the near future, especially when they don’t make the model any more.1

The new $299 price point is great news for those about to buy and is, I suspect, the price that Apple wanted the Watch to be at the whole time. The $349 price was always a bit strange; they typically prefer x99 prices. It may only be a $50 difference, but that “2” in front feels like a whole lot less than a “3”.

Update: Unlike last year’s large Watch band update, this year’s collection does not have directly corresponding colours in watchOS.

  1. As is the case with my all-black classic leather strap. ↥︎