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Written by Nick Heer.

NetNewsWire Returns

Remember NetNewsWire? Remember RSS? You’ve probably got to be a little old and grizzly to remember either of these things, but NetNewsWire is, was, and is again an RSS reader for the Mac. This fourth version — released a mere three years after the most recent stable build — brings with it all the trimmings of a modern application for the Mac, with cloud syncing support (free!) and an iPhone app counterpart.

This comes at a pretty good time for me. I’ve recently been looking for a good RSS reader on my iPhone, and NetNewsWire seems to fit the bill. It feels a little outdated in some ways — there’s no extension to add a site from Safari, for instance, no site search, and the app isn’t even universal — but it’s perfectly adequate. I shall be trying it for a while.

The Mac app is adequate as well, but almost comically outdated. The screenshots on their website are over a year old. I’m sure they’ve worked hard for the past year to bring the syncing service up to suff and so on, but it’s still a bit of a time warp.

But who cares? News is hard to keep up with, RSS is a great solution, and NetNewsWire seems to fit the bill. NetNewsWire is about $4 for iPhone, and $10 for OS X — if you’d like to buy either app and support this site a little at the same time, you can buy them through those affiliate links.