NetNewsWire “Lite”

Michael Tsai isn’t a massive fan of the new NetNewsWire for Mac:

It still has the “lite” feature set, nothing like my beloved NetNewsWire 3. There are no smart folders. There’s no meaningful AppleScript support. It doesn’t support the system share menu.

I’ve only had the chance to play around with the iPhone version, but it does feel awfully light. That’s not to discredit what I’m sure is a significant modernization of the Mac app underneath and, presumably, code compatibility with the iPhone app, but I can’t help but ache for more. From my iPhone, I can SSH into my web server and write Python scripts, but my super niche version of a super niche category of products is similar to its competitors? I’d pay $10 for a NetNewsWire “Pro” for my iPhone; I’d use the hell out of that.