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Written by Nick Heer.

After Being Sued for Calling a Private Citizen a Pedophile and Settling Fraud Charges in a Separate Incident, Elon Musk Realizes Twitter Might Not Be for Him

Maria Jose Valero, Bloomberg:

Twitter has fallen out of Elon Musk’s favor as the Tesla CEO vowed to “go offline” on Friday. It’s unclear, however, when he would do so as the executive has teased the move before.

Musk’s Twitter account was still active 20 minutes after the post.

In June, Musk said he had deleted his Twitter account, though he stayed active after the post. He briefly changed his Twitter name on the platform to “Daddy DotCom” before reverting to his own.

Last year, Musk settled SEC fraud charges related to tweets he sent out indicating that he was taking Tesla private by paying a $20 million fine and stepping down as chairman. In April, he renegotiated his tweeting privileges. Last month, documents were released in the case of a suit filed by a British cave diver who Musk accused of being a pedophile in a tweet because the diver criticized Musk’s submarine; it was decided earlier this week that the case would go to trial. Yesterday, Musk whined about a Tesla losing a drag race. He’s not very good at projecting the image of a well-adjusted public figure and dependable businessman using Twitter.

The big wet president of the United States continues to broadcast nonsense two hundred and eighty blessed characters at a time.

Update: He lasted three days.