Written by Nick Heer.

Music Includes User Instructions in iOS 10.2

After updating my iPhone to the second developer beta of iOS 10.2 yesterday, I noticed an instructional card that appeared after I popped up the Now Playing screen in Music. This is the same screen that I have previously complained about:

The playback screen is, overall, probably the least-successful element of the redesigned Music app, from a usability perspective. It took me a few days with it before I realized that it was possible to scroll the screen vertically, exposing the shuffle and repeat buttons, adjustable playback queue, and lyrics, when available. There’s simply no visual indicator that it’s possible to scroll this screen.

Adding a popup with instructions on how to use the screen doesn’t actually solve the problem of it not appearing scrollable. There are other ways to resolve this, like making the Now Playing screen bounce slightly when the user taps on it; or, perhaps, cutting off the bottom row of icons very slightly, like the cut-off icons on the right-side edge of a share sheet.