Written by Nick Heer.

More on the Mac App Store

Daniel Jalkut points out a caveat with those terrible Mac App Store numbers:

“Top Paid” is a terrible name for that leaderboard, because it implies being paid more money than … everybody. “Trending Paid” is fairer.

With millions of Mac users, though, it’s hard to see how 59 US sales should be enough to make the eighth position in any chart, if most of those millions of users were buying software frequently.

My guess is that people get into a groove on their Mac. They don’t buy software very often, and they’re generally happy with what they’ve used for a long time. My most recent Mac software purchase was Fantastical 2; before that, it might have been the Sims 4. I bought the former on March 25 and the latter on February 17.

Perhaps the iPhone enormously skews our perception of the success or failure of any of Apple’s products. Yes, iPad sales are in a steep decline, but perhaps people have now settled into a more regular and longer update cycle. Maybe the Mac App Store is wildly successful for many developers, who wouldn’t have dreamed of 59 US sales on launch day. It’s certainly working for some developers.

Maybe it just needs a little bit of love.