MacOS Monterey 12.5 Still Does Not Let Users Check Charging Bluetooth Device Status From the Menu Bar

Howard Oakley:

I have also tested 12.5 for two bugs that I have been tracking. I regret to report that it doesn’t fix either:


Recharging Apple wireless input devices blocks their charge being reported in the Bluetooth menu, so the only way to tell when they’re fully charged is to stop recharging.

The best explanation I have seen for this behaviour is found in the comments of Oakley’s post: because the device is communicating over USB and not Bluetooth, it would be incorrect to show its charge status in the Bluetooth menu. But — and apologies to the author of that comment — that still does not make sense because the charge status is shown in System Preferences under the Bluetooth preference pane.

Because I only charge my Magic Trackpad every few weeks, it is the kind of thing I forget about until I want to check the charge status, and then remember I have to dive into System Preferences. I remain surprised this has not bothered one of Apple’s engineers so much that they committed a patch for it themselves, consequences be damned. If you are running MacOS Ventura, please let me know if this has been fixed.