Little Annoyances in MacOS Monterey

Howard Oakley:

Monterey is a chance for Apple’s engineers to catch up with the backlog of bugs which have marred Big Sur and its predecessors. While plenty have already been fixed, there are still many to go. This brief survey lists some of those which have been niggling me since the release of macOS 12.0.1, with links to the more serious problems at the end. This is by no means complete, and I’m sure you’ll each know of many that haven’t yet irritated me. While I welcome your proposals, please be careful to outline how each bug can be reproduced, so that we can enjoy them for ourselves.

Michael Tsai:

If we’re talking annoyances, rather than bugs per se, the top of my list would have to be the narrow alerts.

I could pick and choose from the bugs I have filed in the past several months to build a list like these. I seldom find applications outright crashing, but there are plenty of entry-level user interaction problems: in several apps, scroll position is not preserved while using the app or when it is backgrounded; notifications fly in from the bottom edge of the screen when waking my Mac like there is a violent toaster on my desk; Music remains a small tragedy.

In isolation, it would be hard to isolate any of these problems as particularly upsetting or difficult. But they compound. Each one adds unnecessary friction to the tools I use all the time. You can add them all to a list but, for me at least, they multiply my annoyance. From where I am sitting, it is hard to know if these problems are being treated seriously, or if they are falling by the wayside as Apple races to get new features ready in time for WWDC 2022.