Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.

Money Is Only Valuable if It’s Honest

Peter Nguyen:

Last night my mom calls me and we do our usual catch up.

I ask how she is, how everyone else is and she asks me how my work is going.

“I have to tell you something” she says.

Yesterday while picking up some food at a local restaurant, my mom noticed a large bag sitting at a back table with no one around it.

She waited for her food and watched it. Nobody came out of the bathrooms. The tables were empty.

She decided to take a look.

Upon opening the bag she noticed a pile of bank and business related papers stacked on top of neatly wrapped $10,000 stacks.

The slips read the total count.


If your heart doesn’t skip a beat after reading this, you need to check it and make sure it still works.