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Written by Nick Heer.

Craig Mod Reviews the Leica Q

Craig Mod:

Make no mistake: The Q is a surgical, professional machine. It pairs best-of-class modern technology (superb autofocus, an astounding electronic view finder, workable ISOs up to and beyond 10,000, a fast processor, beefy sensor) with a minimalist interface packed into a small body, all swaddled in the iconic industrial design for which Leica has become famous. The result is one of the least obtrusive, most single-minded image-capturing devices I’ve laid hands on.

Like all Leicas, the Q is beyond the reach of many casual photographers, but the images it produces — in the hands of a capable photographer like Mod — are absolutely stunning. This is the kind of review that tempts you to drop several thousand dollars that you may not have on a camera that you do not need, and purchase plane tickets to a country where you don’t speak the language, all in an excuse to exercise the technical limitations of the camera in search of your creative limits, or perhaps the other way around.