Microsoft Is Testing More Aggressive Edge Ads When Users Download Chrome

Taras Buria, Neowin:

Being the default out-of-the-box browser on Windows 10 and 11 makes Microsoft Edge a go-to utility for downloading Chrome or another browser. That upsets Microsoft so much that it constantly comes with more aggressive and user-hostile methods to make customers stay on Edge. An attempt to install Chrome using Edge Canary now results in the browser displaying two ads: the first (tiny one) will pop on the screen when the Chrome website loads, and the second, a humongous full-size banner, will appear once the download starts. Yikes!

These appear to be a more intrusive version of the popups Microsoft added in 2021. Both claim Edge is like Chrome with the “added trust of Microsoft”. I do not know about you, but I would have less trust in my browser if it begged me to use its vendor’s own software when I browsed the websites of competitors. It looks so desperate.